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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

A comprehensive consulting report with complete attention to detail.

East & Associates provides professional Phase I ESA reports for the investigation of environmental risk factors both and and/or near the subject property that could affect its value or use. Prior to the initial site visit, our in-house mapping programs allow us to print a regulatory hazards map and database based on ASTM/AAI standards.


During the site inspection and review of nearby properties, these plotted hazards sites can be confirmed and field notes taken. A physical and historical review of the subject property is completed to determine potential environmental liability. The historical city directory review section of our Phase I ESA report combines the county appraisal district property information, aerial photograph summary along with the city directory review of the site and the adjacent properties. The scope of service of the Phase I ESA report is completed to the current ASTM E-1527 and EPA AAI standards.


Report Highlights

  1. Detailed executive summary and conclusions section.

  2. Insertion of maps, photographs, and aerials within specific report section.

  3. Comprehensive regulatory records review section.

  4. Inclusion of historical aerial photographs and historical topographical maps.

  5. Complete historical city directories section for site and adjacent properties.

  6. Detailed section for findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

A cost efficient ESA report that includes the site visit.

The Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a limited environmental review of a property, with a scope of work intended to be less than that of a Phase I ESA. It’s generally prepared for low risk properties. The Transaction Screen ESA report is completed in general accordance to the current ASTM Standard E-1528. This practice is designed to identify Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs) in connection with a property and does not necessarily require the judgment of an Environmental Professional (EP) as defined in the current ASTM E-1527 standards.


Our Transaction Screen ESA process includes a site reconnaissance, the inclusion of the ASTM Transaction Screen Questionnaire, obtaining and reviewing environmental databases as documented within the ASTM/AAI standards for the property and neighboring properties, a review of local city directories, and a review of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. East & Associates also includes site photographs, site location maps, current aerial photographs, a flood map, and a topographical map within the appendices of the report. The results of the Transaction Screen ESA will conclude either that no PECs are present; therefore no further inquiry is necessary or that PECs are identified, which require further inquiry to evaluate the PECs. Further inquiry could be proceeding to a Phase I ESA report completed to the current ASTM E-1527 standards. This report offers an economical savings over a Phase I ESA report.


Report Highlights:

  • Generally prepared for low risk properties.

  • Insertion of maps, photographs, and aerials within specific report section.

  • Comprehensive regulatory records review section.

  • Identification of Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs) related to property.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Letter Reports

Designed report for low risk properties and quick turnarounds.

The ESA Letter Report includes a limited site reconnaissance review of the subject property. Current aerial photographs, site photographs, site maps, flood map, topographical map, and a regulatory database report are located within the appendices of the report. Typically, the historical review of the subject property is not part of the scope of service of the ESA Letter Report. This report is intended for a low capped loan that the lender deems a minimum environmental risk property. This report offers an economical savings over a Transaction Screen ESA.


The results of the ESA Letter Report will conclude that either no Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs) are present; therefore no further inquiry is necessary or that PECs are identified, which require further inquiry to evaluate the identified potential environmental concerns. Further inquiry could be proceeding to either a Transaction Screen ESA or a Phase I ESA.


Report Highlights:

  • Designed for low risk and low-capped loans with a quick turnaround.

  • Limited site inspection based on the individual client’s scope of service.

  • Insertion of maps, photographs, and aerials within specific report section.

  • Inclusion of a regulatory database report based on ASTM/AAI standards.

Identification of Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs) in connection with a property.

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Desktop Review Environmental Letter Reports

A great option for “due diligence” when renewing your client’s note.

The Desktop Review Environmental Letter Report was first developed in response to the Small Business Administration (SBA) SOP 50-10(5) Lender and Development Company loan programs.  In addition, our clients have ordered the basic report for low risk loans, including rural properties and smaller commercial transactions when the lending policies do not require a Phase I ESA report.


The scope of service for this report does not include a site visit.  East & Associates, Inc. will furnish the client with the standard ASTM/AAAI environmental questionnaires for completion.  The completed document will be placed within the appendices of the report.  Our company provides the regulatory database report based on the current ASTM/AAI standards and includes an oil and gas map and if appropriate, the NWI wetland map.  The regulatory database report is a custom polygon (boundary) search which integrates the specific appraisal district GIS map to identify the specific target property.  This is significant in the larger or irregular shape sites to ensure the regulatory database report performs to the intent of the search distance criteria set forth by the ASTM/AAI standards.


For the SBA loans, our research team will complete a review of historical city directories, fire insurance maps and available aerials from the local library.  The letter report will be submitted with a recommendation as to the environmental risk associated with the loan giving the lender a clear course of action as to the next step in the loan process.


The client has the option to request additional features to be added to the basic scope of service that is outlined below.  These options include city directory research (limited digital report or library research), historical topographical maps, county endangered species report and state agencies file reviews.  Upon request, our team will provide the bid price to the client for the specific scope of service which includes one or more of these options.


Report Highlights:

  • Specifically designed for low risk loans.

  • Economic advantage over the ASTM/AAI Phase I and TSA reports.

  • Quick turn-around.

  • An email summary is provided to the client after the review of the ASTM/AAI regulatory database report.  If the findings indicate that a Phase I or Transaction Screen Assessment report is a better option, the order will be converted at either minimum cost or no cost to the client.

  • The letter report describes the findings of each of the appendices included within the Desktop Review Environmental Letter report.

  • The Report Documentation section of the report includes the client’s documentation, Internet search results for the property as well as the most recent warranty deed documentation (if available from our Internet sources). 

  • The appendices of the report includes site location maps, flood map, topographical map, current Google Earth aerial photograph, historical aerials photographs, regulatory database report, site specific appraisal district documentation, report questionnaires and a reliance letter.

  • Environmental Professional (EP) will review the report documentation and prepare a letter report outlining the degree of environmental risk.

General Consulting Services

Custom services designed for specific environmental requirements.

East & Associates performs an array of general environmental consulting services. Some of these consulting services include the review and audit of prior environmental reports, utilizing Internet database sources and in-house mapping programs to determine potential environmental risk factors, providing regulatory database reports, and other additional environmental services required by client needs.

Strategic Alliance Partner Services

Much more than a referral, our arrangement is a close partnership.

East & Associates has formed strategic alliances with high-quality, high-service environmental consulting, contracting, and service companies. These alliances allow us to offer a broad range of environmental services. Many of these partnership arrangements have been in place for more than 20 years.


Services include:

  • Wetlands Determination

  • LPST Corrective Action Proj Mgmt

  • Endangered Species Review

  • TCEQ Licensed Corrective Action

  • Specific Environmental Data Services

  • Phase III Remediation Services

  • Phase II ESAs

  • SARA 313 Reporting

  • Economic Analysis and Options- Environmental Regulations Training

  • Risk Reduction Consulting- Policy & Procedure Dev/Implement

  • VCP/IOP Applications and Consulting- Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

  • Groundwater Monitoring- Asbestos Services

  • PST Closures and Assessments- Emergency Response/Abatement

  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance Expertise for Waste, Wastewater, Storm Water, Groundwater, and Spill Response- Lead-based Paint/Mold Inspection and Management Services

  • Litigation Support

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East & Associates launches the

East Environmental division to

provide expertise and consulting

services to new and developing

environmental firms.

Subsurface Drilling

Subsurface Drilling

Pipeline right of way easement

Pipeline right of way easement

UST removal

UST removal

Heat Treatment Plant

Heat Treatment Plant

Lumber Manufacturing Interior

Lumber Manufacturing Interior

Abandoned water well

Abandoned water well

ACM Abatement

ACM Abatement

Former UST pump dispenser island

Former UST pump dispenser island





Successful track record delivering high value, high quality consulting.

East & Associates specializes in the environmental consulting business for the commercial real estate industry. With more than 30 years in business, we provide independent consulting services and project management expertise across the entire environmental spectrum. East & Associates has provided consulting services to financial institutions, private lenders, real estate developers, investors, and individuals.


The key to the successful completion of a real estate transaction is to know the potential risk of exposure to any liabilities and to incorporate those risks in the evaluation. The most logical approach to handling these environmental hazards is to become informed about the problems so they can be appropriately managed. Once our clients understand the environmental issues and their potential ramifications, East & Associates outlines various courses of action with our goal toward minimizing costs and lessening current or potential liabilities. It is our goal to meet every customer’s need for environmental consulting or project management services.


Exceptional detail in the more than 8,000 reports we’ve produced.

We specialize in environmental “due diligence” and have furnished over 10,000 environmental site assessment reports to our clients. With an array of different types of site assessment reports, ranging from a Phase I ESA report to the most economical Desktop Review Environmental Letter Report, East & Associates provide its clients with the right report and details needed to fully understand the environmental review of the subject property.


Texas-based with national experience, all with personalized service.

Based in Houston, we pride ourselves in local customer service with national serviceability. While most of work is throughout Texas, we have completed projects in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, California, among other states. Our firm is listed as an environmental consulting company in the ExactBid, Inc. RIMS (Real Estate Information Systems) community for 20 counties in Texas. This listing allows companies that are located throughout the United States to find local-based vendors to complete “due diligence” requirements in a timely and efficient manner. Our primary service area for our Houston office is central, south and southeast Texas. From our Dallas office, our team provides environmental “due diligence” environmental consulting services throughout the major cities located in north and east Texas. This office also provides our consulting expertise and service to two major cities located in the Texas panhandle.


East & Associates has a custom online inquiry form that can be completed by the client. This form will be submitted directly to East & Associates, Inc. The custom form can be printed and saved by the client.

Hear from a client who has worked with us for more than 10 years.

“Dick and I have worked together for 10 plus years. I have hired him for environmental assessments -- both overviews and full Phase I inspections. East & Associates' reports are comprehensive and easy to read. Dick is great to work with and I highly recommend his services.” – Escrow Officer, Title Company






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