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Asking questions about the study site is only one part of the equation. Knowing what the borrower’s intention is with respect to development or future improvements to the site is another part. The bank’s requirement for “due diligence” as to environmental risk is the third and final part of the equation.

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Company Overview
We specialize in the environmental consulting business for the commercial real estate industry, covering a broad range on the environmental spectrum.
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Company Brochure (PDF)
We also have a detailed company overview brochure (PDF) available to download. Click here to download.
Client Experience
East & Associates is known for providing high-quality environmental assessment reports that perfectly balance detail with the key information you need to know to make more informed real estate decisions.
  Successful Track Record With Environmental Projects
    Work within the environmental consulting industry since 1989 completing hundreds of environmental assessment projects.
  Local Customer Service With National Serviceability
    Primary service area is the state of Texas. Throughout the years, we have completed projects throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, California and several other states.
  Providing A Complete, Objective Viewpoint In Every Report
    Specific emphasis on the details of the site inspection, regulatory database review and historical review section of the report are critical to an environmental assessment report.
Case Studies
For our complete list of case studies, please email us. Types of real estate transactions where lenders may require environmental due diligence services include:

- Undeveloped Land
- Rural Acreage with Oil and Gas Wells
- Industrial
- Commercial
- Churches and Schools
- Multi-Family Apartments
- Retail Centers
- Convenience Stores
- Full Service Gasoline Stations
- Dry Cleaners

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